How To Donate Your Junk Through Local Charities!!

Do you really feel guilty when you think about punishing your junk to life in a landfill? When it comes to disposing of your junk, you have so many more options than simply throwing it away. Your neighborhood community is always looking for donations so why not give your stuff a second chance life in another person’s residence?

At Green Guys Junk Removal Atlanta GA? we recycle and donate items to local charities whenever possible. Whether it’s recycling, reusing or repurposing our customer’s items, we do every little thing we can to avoid sending unnecessary items to the landfill.

You might be surprised to discover how many things can be donated to charity. Furniture, books, clothing, sports equipment, food, household items- the list goes on!

Right here are some places in your community that is always looking for contributions:

Police departments
Daycare centers

Just How To Donate To Charity In Five Easy Steps!

The mattress, sofa or small appliance you’re planning to toss could be a blessing to someone in need. If you’re looking to declutter, we urge you to consider donating your undesirable items to a local charity within your community. Right here are 5 tips to assist you to start.

1. Come to be a hunter-gatherer
Walk around your home and take inventory of items you no longer need or desire. This is the best opportunity to declutter your home and get rid of any type of items that have actually been taking up unnecessary space in your home. Your basement, garage, and attic will most likely be gold mines when it comes to discovering items to donate!

2. Keep in mind the condition of each item
Before you dispose of or donate your things, you should always evaluate the quality first. Does the item work or is it damaged? Is it gently used or does it appear as it went through the garbage disposal unit? It is very important that you don’t intentionally pass along your negative junk to someone else!

You can’t donate just anything to charity; items should always be in gently used condition, contain all of their required parts in order to work properly, as well as be free from stains, tears, and rips. Use your best discretion when evaluating your things, as well as if you don’t know if something is suitable, the charity can always assist you out.

3. Consider the best charity for your things
You wouldn’t donate food to a consignment store, as well as you would not donate books to a food bank! Various charities will certainly take different items, so make sure to locate the appropriate home for your stuff. Goodwill, as well as the Salvation Army, will certainly take all kinds of things, however, if you have particular items, take the time to discover a charity that might have a greater need.

For example, if you have actually used crutches various other medical equipment, contact the Red Cross or your local hospital. When your kids grow up and also leave the nest, donate their toys as well as video games to a daycare facility. It might take a little extra time to contribute to multiple places, but you’ll really feel good knowing you made the biggest impact possible.

4. Estimate the value of each item
While we hope you’re donating out of the goodness of your heart, it’s possible to make a little cash off your junk. The value of the items you donate is typically deductible on your income tax return in the year you make the contribution.

If you intend to pocket some cash, try to estimate how much each thing is worth. Make a list of each amount and then add everything together. If the item you’re donating is brand new, keep the price tag onto prove the item’s value. This will be useful to charities like Goodwill or Salvation Army that frequently sell donations to raise funds for those in need. Once you have actually donated everything to the charity of your choosing, make sure to request a donation receipt so you can prove it on your income tax return.

5. Remember, not all junk is donatable!
As you start to declutter in anticipation of donating, you might be tempted to give away absolutely every little thing. We applaud your enthusiasm however be careful: you don’t want to be the individual who donates items that would be much more in the recycling container.

The point of donating is to provide items to individuals who otherwise couldn’t afford them. If you’re trying to pass junk off as treasure, you could end up costing the charity money. All of that junk has to go someplace, as well as the charity will certainly have to dispose of it themselves. Do everyone the favor of getting rid of it properly the first time.

Are you ready to clear out your home as well as give back to someone in need? Ready…collection … go! You’ll immediately feel better knowing that your junk is on its way to a new residence.

If you need assistance donating your junk, provide Green Guys Junk Removal Atlanta GA? a call. We’ll take everything off your hands as well as donate your stuff to charity on your behalf. All you have to do is the point. Call Us 404-948-6393.